Selasa, 28 September 2010

I Need Cash And Nuffnang Give Me The Cheque

Seriously, I am envy to some blogger who managed to make a lot of income using nuffnang. I know, blogging is about passion, and how deep you enjoy this blogging activities.

But you know, when there is a reward such as the earning from Nuffnang, it makes my blogging activities become so much fun. After all, who wants to give you the easy money? You don't need to worry about the ads, nothing. Just focus on what articles that you want to share with the other blogger out there.

Last three days, I decide to cash out my earning. I collect it from the beginning i sign up with nuffnang. I thought that I want to use that money for something else, maybe to buy a new car.. and maybe for wedding ceremony hehe.. But the luck is against me. I am desperately need to use money in a very short while.

I need fast cash amounting RM700.00. Well, i am not that wealthy to easily obtain that sum of money. I need to work for it. No.. I need to work hard for it. There is no such thing that i can ask around asking my family members. It is not going to happen in my case.

Luckily, there is some amount of money at my disposal in my Nuffnang account. Although it is not that much, but i believe that it is more than enough to save me from my little financial problem. I had to cash out my earning, and now i need to wait for the cheque.

This blog, although it is actually a free blog, a service provided by google, it actually help me a lot in the past. It provide me with a good prospect to some of my so called business.

When you combining the income from Nuffnang, plus the income from selling things and affiliate program, sure it can hits RM1,000.00

Owh.. again.. What do you call it if it is not an easy money? Do you have another way generating easy money?

Why not you share with the rest of us.

~empowering bloggers~

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  1. Nuffnang is a reliable platform to make some money. Followed you. pls follow me back.

  2. Nice illustrations. Follow me and I will follow you back.


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